BFBC2 Ingame-Befehle

Prefix private @
Only you will see the response.
Prefix admins #
Only admins, including you, will see the response.
Prefix public !
Everyone will see the response.

Kick command kick [name] [reason]
Kill command kill [name] [reason]
Permanent Ban command ban [name] [reason]
Temporary Ban command tban [name] [time in minutes] [reason]
Say command say [text]
Player say command psay [name] [text]
Yell command yell [text]
Player yell command pyell [name] [text]
Restart level command restart [optional: countdown]
Next level command nextlevel [optional: countdown]
Execute Config exec [configname]
Confirm command yes
Cancel command cancel

Example: @ban timsy for team killing
-> Private to Phogue: Did you mean @ban Timmsy?
-> Private to Phogue: Permanently banning Timmsy for team killing

If no countdown is given restart and nextlevel will execute silentely with no responses.
You can use @cancel to stop a countdown. Only the admin that initiated the countdown can stop it.

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